Monday, October 13, 2008


Do you remember when we moved to Chester, Virginia 11 years ago? We were 'fresh off the boat' as they say and completely lost. But it turned out ok... We adapted, made friends and had a good time. I don't know about you, but those four years in Chester definitely feature among my best childhood memories. So, when I got a chance to go back to Chester, back to that little neighborhood we lived in, I grabbed at it.

I walked around the place for about half an hour, taking pictures and narrating stories to my friends. As I walked around the big backyards, I remembered the many hours we spent there, playing those intense games of kickball with all the other kids - how you were usually the smallest one there, but how I always picked you first to be in my team. The hillocks seemed smaller and less steep than they used to then, and I remembered how we took turns sitting in a laundry basket and sliding down the icy slopes(till it occurred to us to actually buy a sled). I remembered the lopsided snowman that we spent all afternoon making and the rest of the day admiring. At the playground, I remembered how I broke my nose on the merry go round and how we ran back to the house, with blood dripping from my nose and you crying and screaming 'Dhivya is gonna die'. It makes me laugh now, but at that time, you were SO NOT helping! As I walked around the neighborhood, I remembered waiting for the school bus on our very first day at an American school- you, a five year old not knowing a word of English and me, the protective older one constantly wanting to make sure you were okay. I also remembered walking through the same neighborhood on halloween nights and how I always convinced you to wear a costume that you didn't like or felt uncomfortable in. I walked up to the house we lived in, took a picture standing in front of it and remembered the days we spent there: how we used to assemble in front of the Tv on those summer afternoons with our pads and pencils for a drawing lesson from Mark Kistler, how we used to decorate our room and how I used to always trick you into putting up my art in a prominent place and your 'childish' art hidden behind the closet doors. Those were the days!

It was strange that a trip back to Chester made me so nostalgic,It was strange that it made me so emotional. Above all, It was strange that walking around Chester where I spent 4 important years of my life, each and every one of my memories seemed be revolve around you!

Miss you, my lil Chesta Sista! Happy Birthday, way in advance :)




aham...Brahm...asmi...!!! said...

nice description..!

nivi said...

Wow, that must have been an nostalgic trip. Amazing thing huh memories!

passion@itsbEsT said...

gud stuff dhivya.. hmm i wish i'd had the chance to build a snowman when i was a kid.. i think i would have caught a cold ;)


Thanks :)


It sure was. Yep, childhood memories are the best.


Hmmm..Knowing how well u take to cold weather, I doubt whether you would be able to stay out long enuf to build a snowman :P

sowmya said...

I know I don't say it often.Yeah,OK I don't say it at all but I miss you SO MUCH.

Out of all the places we've lived Chester really was the best,wasn't it?I realize now that we had a pretty great childhood-like one straight out of the movies. Forbidden woods,half hearted attempts at clubs,and sewer expeditions (I didn't get to go as I recall,did you?)

And GOOD GOD those kickball matches were INTENSE weren't they? I may have been the teeniest one there but you KNOW I was good.I was pretty much the ringleader of the younger set.

One of the things I remember VERY vividly was that day we spent enacting scenes out of Romeo and Juliet with a bucket! Oh ERIC where art thou?

Excellent post and thanks for the birthday wishes (but I wouldn't say no to a lifetime supply of sour gummi worms).

But most of all thanks for the most "AWESOME' childhood a kid could ask for!

Macadamia The Nut said...

That is SO cute!


Well, well looks like the hard (and sarcastic) exterior hides a softie inside! :)

Chester WAS the best- I do remember the sewer expedition (Of course I got to go) and that Romeo and Juliet incident with Eric... Gosh, we were so creative back then- Def miss that now!

Anyways, am glad that you finally read the post ... It took you long enuf considering all the shameless advertising I did for it on Orkut and Gmail... and very happy to see your reply. :-*

Thanks :)

sowmya said...

The exterior is back up and running.Just a small technical glitch there.

And the advertising worked.I didn't know anything about it but a friend from orkut found it and told me to come read this.

Am I expected to make a declaration of some sort on your birthday?Because I might just combust if I attempt something so mushy.



No pls dont- You don't wanna give me a heart attack on my birthday! And it's not like you at all.

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