Friday, January 25, 2008

To be or not to

To be or not to
That is the question.
The answer lies


Anonymous said...

That actually made me go Aww!!
Really good job . Maybe I know (like)these people, the thing I must say is yes, the guy was right, we need to venture out and face the big waves.And even more we need someone to be with us when we face them.
I am glad she found her Nikhil and I ope they spend not 10 or 20 but a lifetime together , happily.

Great post, take risks and write more :)

N!kh!l said...

A very good post. I am a regular here but never left a comment..what made me take the risk today - is my name in the post :-)

Princess Banter said...

I loved it -- I went "awwwwwwwwww" at the end :) That's always a good sign!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Neat and beautiful..risk taking,most of the times leads us to dizzy heights..glad, you say it happened to you too

Vedavyas said...

bingo...whatz de blody point in living if u dont wanna take risks / throw urself new challenges??? gud one dhivya!!!


Yes, I think you do know these people and hopefully like them too! :D Also, I completely agree with you- we do need someone to support us when we take those big steps in life!

Well I'm glad you took the risk- and I hope you do it more often! I promise, I don't bite! ;)

Well, Mission accomplished then! :)


Thanks and keep dropping by.

Very true, very true! Just a tiny thing called FEAR though that stands in the way!

Vedavyas said...

Fear abt wat???


There's always fear involved when takin risks- that's what holds you back. Fears of failure, of getting hurt etc.

Vedavyas said...

failure znt al dat for me i cud live wid de fact i failed even after giving my best shot for de rest uf my life rather than de guilty feeling i didnt take a shot @ it...u shud never regret in later part uf life dat u didnt!!!

Anonymous said...

i have always taken risks.... even now...
except with relationships.... and iv never found happiness there either... but then, maybe its because i havent found anyone worth taking a risk on so far!!!!!

anyways, beautiful story!



Thats a good way to take failure!

Oh thats too bad- I hope you find someone totally worth the risk soon.

Macadamia The Nut said...

That was soooo cute! :P
I've been a risk taker all my life. Sometime's it's been worth it, but sometimes it's led me to an unholy mess. But hey, that's MY mess so I'm cool! :)

Fishy said...

hey divya,

Very good write. All risks would are worth, if we dont fail to learn from the results.. be it good or bad.

Its easy to take a failure than brooding over the ' IF ONLY I HAD THEN....'


Thanks. Nice to hear that you are a risk taker, and its even nicer to hear that you accept the consequences of those risks, good or bad, without regret!

Hey thanks for droppin by- I def agree with you. Keep reading :)

Ambresh said...

Good job :)

Anu said...

hey that was a good one!!

sorry abt the late comments! the charcters were beautifully portrayed and it cudnt have asked for a better ending...


Thanks.. I hope u visit more often.

Good to see your comment, Anu. I was wonderin if I had lost u ;)
Thanks :)

Macadamia The Nut said...

Hey.. I just realised that you actually gone through and commented on quite a few of my older posts. That's SO cute of you.. thanx :P

Mansi Trivedi said...

Beautifully written. What an end. :)
Love it!

CM-Chap said...

That was really awesome.. First half exactly portrayed the average Indian middle class girl.


No problem :)

Thanks Mansi. Glad you liked it.

Hey nice to see u here after a while. :)

CM-Chap said...

Ho yah... work has really sued me.

Karthik Balasubramanian said...

In Little Rock, Arkansas, two people who kiss publicly can be put in prison for 30 days; in the same city a husband can beat his wife, but only once a month, twice is illegal..

true or false??



I saw that on your blog... I googled it too and I got the same law except that it said 'it was illegal for a man and woman to flirt on the streets'. Still very WEIRD! :)

CM-Chap said...

No post for longtime now?

Angry Voices said...


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Time for updates I guess
Lost somwhere ?lol

Macadamia The Nut said...

Hey Dhivya! You back girl?
I keep visiting here wondering where you are.


Hey- I just visited ur blog today after a while and read several awesome posts... Looks like you've been writin away!

But yeah, I went to India and now I'm back. Will post soon!

Anonymous said...

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Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi..Where have you vanished ?